2023 Top 8 inverter manufacturers in the world

Throughout 2021, with the increasingly demand for solar energy system, solar inverter as the essential part in the photovoltaic system, playing more and more important role in the New energy field.

What does a solar inverter do?

Solar inverter is a of great importance part in the solar energy system, which can converts DC which generated from solar to AC electricity for home and grid use, by the way it can turns the low voltage to 220V 230V for home use.

Company NameHuawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
IntroductionHuawei Technologies Co., Ltd is a leading  telecommunications equipment,  electronics, smartphone devices and Photovoltaik solution provider. It market covers 170 countries serves 3 billion population,Huawei committed to bring humans, families, organizations to a united digital word.
Company NameSMA Solar Technology AG
IntroductionWith more than 5,500 employees, SMA is able to increase its annual production capacity to approximately 5 GW and will continue to expand to approximately 11 GW to meet the rapidly growing needs of the global PV market. With the increasing maturity and sophistication of its advanced photovoltaic system technology and the worldwide emphasis on the development and utilization of renewable energy, SMA has increased its efforts to develop overseas markets
Company NameSungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.
IntroductionTop solutions for PV generation provider,An enterprise focus on renewable equipment for solar power ,wind power ,EVs,Sungrow main products including Pv inverter, Ess system, EV driving system, Charging devices,the inverter products markets covers more than 150 countries,it is the one of the few companies in the industry that has mastered the core technology
Company NameGrowatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
IntroductionGrowatt is a company that focuses on the R&D, production and sales of PV inverters, mainly grid-connected, off-grid and energy storage power products, which are widely used in home or commercial energy storage projects, and the products have obtained more than 20 certifications worldwide.
Growatt has been exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and has become a household name, and has established deep cooperation with many famous enterprises to promote the development of new energy PV industry.
Company NameGoodWe Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd
IntroductionGoodwe is a company focusing on the manufacturing, sales and service of PV energy storage products, mainly grid-connected and off-grid inverter energy storage products, product design from Germany, has multiple production bases in China, R & D team of more than 500 members.
Large-scale exports to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with reliable, stable and safe quality well-known market
Company NameKstar New Energy Co., Ltd
IntroductionKstar is a large UPS manufacturer and energy solution provider, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with more than 3,400 employees and industrial parks in many cities in China and Vietnam, and its products mainly include photovoltaic new energy, energy storage systems and EV vehicle charging products, which are used in a wide range of fields.
Kstar is customer-oriented, focus on product quality, has win the good reputation in the market
Company NameGinlong Technologies Co., Ltd
IntroductionChina’s well-known inverter brand, mainly engaged in string inverter research and development, production, sales and service of large enterprises. The company’s R&D team is experienced and has a number of domestic and foreign patents, and its products are sold well in many countries around the world, and it has set up offices and technical after-sales service centers in Europe, Australia, South Africa and other countries around the world.
Company NameTBEA Xinjiang Sun Oasis Co., Ltd
IntroductionOriginated in 1988, is a large energy equipment manufacturer, products covering transformers, switches, cables, components and other products, with 70 years of transformer, cable and wire manufacturing history, with more than 60 countries to establish cooperation, more than 20 industrial parks in China, has provided power integration technology solutions and services for more than 20 countries, the company practices the Belt and Road Initiative, for the United States, Russia, Pakistan and other Belt and Road countries to provide reliable energy products

Solar inverters convert the variable DC output of solar panels into AC power for household appliances and are one of the most critical components of solar power systems, meeting the current market demand for clean and sustainable energy. Energy storage, as a key support for the large-scale development of renewable energy. Energy storage is of great significance to the utilization of new energy sources and is an important link in the energy revolution, which means the development of inverter will be in a high speed.

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