High Voltage ESS Solar Battery(35Kwh)

● Integrated battery,Inverter and all accessories,easily installed and ready to use with cables connected

● Modular battery packs,connected in parallel to increase battery capacity

● Ultra-slim design style,space-saving

● On/off grid certifed for grid CE

● Configure two MPPT interfaces to support up to 11kw of PV

● IP65 rated high strength waterproof, supporting outdoor installation

Household Storage Solar Battery Information

Max PV Input Power8000W
Maximum Dc Voltage1000V
MPPT Voltage Range450-850V
Sinale arr Meximum13A
Maximum Output Power11KVA
Maximum output Current15.9A
Grid Voltage Range380-400V
Grid Frequency50/60Hz
Rated Output Power10000KVA
Maximum Output Rated Power1100KVA
Rated Output Current14.4A
Maximum Output Current15.9A
Rated Output Voltage400V,3W+N+PE
Rated Output Frequency50/60Hz
Battery3W+N+PE3W+N+PE,THDI Stand <2%
Nominal voitage256V358.4V
Rated Capacity100AH
Battery Energy25kwh35kwh
Emergency Power Output1P16s
Automatic Switching Time<20ms
Maximum Efciency98.2%
European Effciency97.5%
MPPT Efciency99.9%
Maximum Battery Charge/Discharge Effciency97.5%
Environmental Temperature and Humidity Range-20~60’C/0-95% no condenstion
Cooling MethodNatural cooling
Display ScreenRound LCD,by the appearance of the graphic
Communication ModeRS485 CAN with optional 4G WIFI
Three-Phase BalanceSupport 100% three-phase unbalanced
cycle Life0.5c charge and discharge cycles greater than 6000cycles
Altitude2000m no reduction in the following

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