LiFePO4 1000W outdoor mobile portable power supply

Model: XYX1000W
Battery type: LiFePO4
Rated power: 1000W
Peak power: 2000W
Waveform: pure sine wave
Ac voltage: 200Vac/110Vac
Frequency: Adjustable 50/60Hz
Continuous output: 1000W (resistive load)
AC universal socket: 2 /4.3aac/1
USB: 2 /5v/3adc
DC2.1 ports: 2 /12vcd
Display: DC voltage/AC voltage/output frequency/power
Control switch: 3 / AC output /LED light /USB
Battery voltage: 12V/24V
Voltage range: 9V-15.5V/19V-30.5V
Shutdown static current: ≤30uA
Battery low voltage alarm :10±0.5V DC/20±0.5V DC
Battery low voltage protection :9V/19V Off the inverter output
Battery high voltage protection :16V/31V Off the inverter output
High temperature protection :80°C
High temperature protection: Restart below 60°C
Overload protection: maximum output 1.7 times, automatic shutdown
Operating temperature :-20°C - 50°C
Storage temperature, humidity :-40℃ ~ 60℃,10 ~ 95%RH
Fan 1: Starts when it reaches 120W
Fan 2: Starts up

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